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Client released to staff, today.

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Client released to staff, today.

Post by Glaceon01 on Sun Dec 18, 2011 10:44 am

Yes that's right, read the title after some complications and a long awaiting we're releasing the client to staff then beta testers....I want to explain the long delay...our newest coder boynaar coded something in the client which messed it up since he's away there's nothing we can do...this is a problem I had been trying to fix for a while after some talk we decided to go back to the old client which was more fun anyway....this is the good news

The bad news, the old client doesn't have recruitment, but no worry's I'll be coding a different version of the client while players play and staff make updates like maps etc...

PMDU vets, and Artists you will automatically be invited to become beta testers a selected few of members who show some good leadership will be selected to beta test also.

Help PMDU advertise, we need a bigger fan base guys help make the forums more active in anyway possible.

Final note:I'd personally like to say I can't wait to see you all playing and that I promise I won't fail you!

TPK/PMDU staff team.


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