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Staff Ranks!

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Staff Ranks!

Post by Glaceon01 on Wed May 30, 2012 7:00 pm

Admins: The highest of all the staff, we keep the order and run the game..we preform multiple tasks to the game unlike others who may only need to do on job not to mention...we're definitely the coolest.

[color=blue]Developers: The second highest in the chain, we do most of the programming necessary for the game to provide you with some of its great features.

Mappers: Of course we're the ones with the coolest color and don't forget we're the ones who make sure that you have places to go and visit!

Moderators: We're the best because we're the mutual peacekeepers which is why our names are gray, we make sure that everyone in the game and on the forums are treated fairly and don't forget we're always watching Very Happy

Artists: Of course no one does it like us we keep the game, forums and anything else so colorful..without us the world would be dull.

Apprentices: Meh, we're those cool players who show you other guys how it's done...we may not be staff yet, but we sure have what it takes..and we will be there some day!

Get to meet some of the staff team because we're cool and love to interact, don't forget if you ever have a problem..let us know..that's why we're here.

Your fearless leader ~Glaceon


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