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VB Tutorial by Growlith1223

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VB Tutorial by Growlith1223

Post by growlith1223 on Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:24 pm

Hell pplz!I am Growlith1223 and this is mah tutorial on how to make your own script!
programming knowledge
First you need to make Variables if neccessary!
like Dim (Variable name) as Byte or As Long. As Byte means it has to be a number, As long can be letters or numbers.
Then when trying to implement that Variable you gotta make it do something then if that requirement is met, the Variable comes into action
once you dim that variable it will be available through the entire Form.
So you would say Dim Example As Byte
then to implement it, you would put
If Form1.caption = something Then
Form1.Example = 1234567890

TCPDestroy means it will close the game and ends the proccess.

Now to add more you can maybe put
Public Sub Example1
If Form1.Caption = Pokemon Mystery Dungeon United Then
Form1.Example = 300
MsgBox "Hi, i am a message box."
Exit Sub
UnloadAllForms means it will unload all the Windows that goto the game.
EndInet Will end the connection to the Server
Else is a Or statement
MsgBox just brings up a small window saying whatever you want it to say.
Exit Sub Will end that peice of code so you can make more subs.
And that is my tutorial!

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Re: VB Tutorial by Growlith1223

Post by Glaceon01 on Sat Dec 31, 2011 8:06 am

Hmmmm, interesting.....


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