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Sapphire's Banner Store

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Sapphire's Banner Store

Post by Sapphy128 on Thu Aug 11, 2011 4:23 pm


Due to a...lack...or interest in my literacy skills, I have decided to strengthen my Banner making skills. ^^
Alright, let's keep the requests simple...

Background: (What sort of Background would you like?)
Render: (The Image. Feel free to post me images, I can remove the background if needed)
Text: (Any Text you would like, and any special effects you would like?)
Other : (...self explanatory)

If you would like me to alter the render in anyway don't hesitate to ask, but please, be specific.
I can also make renders myself. However, due to some...'technical' difficulties...in life, they may be delayed...a lot. x_x

Some examples of my work:
A simple Haxorus Banner.

Minccino & Cinccino. ^^

A Gigalith Avatar.

I made these all for myself, before I decided to make them for others so luckily, I can improve my skills by making Banners more often. Maybe by making them for others, my creativity will eventually come back to me. ^^

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Re: Sapphire's Banner Store

Post by nintor on Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:12 pm

HAxorus and scizor
Words Nintor hunters

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